Our Approach

Our full-service approach has YOU at the center, which means we've got you covered from delivery to installation. Whether you're taking on a major building project or classroom reconfiguration, or looking for assistance in monitoring supplies and ensuring product integrity, we provide the full range of services needed to build an environment in which learning and fun takes place at your world-class educational institution.

  • Kick-off meeting/ review current school funiture trends
  • School showroom visit
  • Drawing reviews
  • Sample selection
  • On-site programming
  • Interview individual departments
  • Inventory reusable furniture
  • Develop furniture layouts
  • Generate preliminary budget
  • Review validations and drawing
  • Visit site/ verify selections
  • Finish selection
  • Provide budget amounts
  • Place orders
  • Client and internal pre- installation meetings
  • Verify site conditions and coordinate manpower
  • Schedule delivery trucks direct to site
  • Final walkthrough with client
Planning Design Development Specifications Delivery/Installation

Your Project Timeline:

Planning/Design Ordering Production Installation
October-February March April-June July